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As we all know due to blitz of COVID-19, it has become inevitably difficult for small business to function at a levelled pace. Likewise it has affected restaurant industry, so does GUS SOCIAL, which puts us in jeopardy to survive with $6.95 PRICE TAG. We have decided to extract menu from our another popular restaurant, KINS SOCIAL located in KINCARDINE.ON and share the same at GUS SOCIAL... The menu will serve delicious MEXICAN and INDIAN CUISINE which will be exciting as well as affordable.. A delicate combo of these cuisine will be served from 5th MAY. We hope and pray that we as a small business owner survive this difficult time of pandemic.. Hoping to get support from Fergus and Elora community.. Stay home,Stay safe,Be Positive

  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Expert cooker

Delicious Food For You

Butter Chicken

No description needed. The most consumed curry in the world.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Tandoori chicken spicy tangy masala sauce with dices of green peppers and onion.


Chennai Chicken

South Indian style coconut chicken curry (no cream)


Saag Chicken

Pureed Spinach curry with marinated tandoori chicken.


Goat Curry

Bone-in goat coocked in traditional masala sauce.


Angus Beef Curry

Beef stew coocked in with tamarind and cinnamon based sauce.


Methi Chicken

Tandoori Chicken coocked in fenugreek infused onion curry


Paneer Makhani

Soft cottage cheese.cooked in a rich and creamy tomato sauce


Palak Paneer

Pureed spinach curry with cottage cheese


Bhindi Do Pyaza

Okra cooked in chunky tomatoes and onion gravy


Paneer Tikka Masala

Cottage cheese in spicy tangy masala sauce dices of green peppers and onion


Aloo Gobi Muttar

Punjabi style dish made from potato,peas and cauliflower with typical onion-tomato gravy.


Vegetable Korma

Rich Creamy mildly spiced mixed vegetable curry


Dal Makhani

Black lentils cooked with rich creamy tomato sause


Smashed Samosa Chana Chat

Smashed Samosas topped with goodness of mint and tamarind chutneys,sweet yoghurt, chickpeas Curry,Crispy noodles to garnish..


Paneer Pakora

Deep Fried Cottage cheese fritters served with mint and tamarind chutneys..


Samosa With Chutney 4pc

Samosa Served with Sweet chutney.


Lasooni Gobi

Crisp fried cauliflower sauteed with sweet chilly Garlic sause topped with sesame seeds


Fish Pakora

Deep fried battered fish fritters, recommended with our tamarind habenaro sauce.


Dahi Poori

Indian street food delicacy. Our most recommended. No descriptions. Order to know more about it..


Gus Social Tacos 3pc

Your Choice of Taco Shell and meat with Lettuce and Cheese, With our Salsa Bar.



All the Mexican Goodness Served in a grilled tortilla wrap.



Meat with pico de gallo, jalapinos and shredded cheese, Grilled till the cheese has melted in a flour tortilla. Served with Sour cream and Salsa.


Nachos Platter

Corn tortilla covered in our shredded cheese, Queso sause, Black beans, corn, chopped tomatoes and Green onion. Served with Sour cream and Salsa.


Naked Burrito

Your Burrito unwrapped and served in a bowl.


Mexican Fries


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